The Cute Store

by Ephemeral and Mundane

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Visiting a stationary store in the Pacific East Mall in El Cerrito.

YOU ARE THERE as our binaural microphones turn an ordinary human head into a conduit to a shared experience: browsing a stationary store full of imported goods from Asia!

THRILL to the sound of plastic-wrapped character dolls being handled!

SWOON as small children browse through cell phone charms and stickers!

NOD IN AGREEMENT as two young men discuss the value of reading Japanese when it comes to manga consumption!

HUM ALONG to piped in music designed to enhance the capitalist experience!

Through cutting edge technology, you're transported through space and time to a specific evening spent poking around in an Asian mall in California, but with none of the distracting visuals of licensed character images.

But don't worry! This album includes a safety feature. If you start to feel too unmoored from your current life and begin to wonder where you really are, simply interrupt the playback and you'll be returned to your current mundane life.

[album image uses an original photo from Sunny Ripert]


released February 12, 2017




Ephemeral and Mundane El Cerrito, California

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