Walking in the Rain, Waiting for a Train

by Ephemeral and Mundane

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Recorded in Princeton, IN: A walk around town, on rain-slick streets, interrupted by a train crossing.

THRILL to the sound of car and truck tires on wet asphalt!

SWOON to the rumbling of heavy cargo!

HOLD YOUR BREATH until traffic resumes, headed out to the highway or the Wal-Mart... who knows! A mystery a minute!

With the miracle of binaural stereo, YOU ARE THERE! From the distant left comes the approaching train, roaring across to the pulse-pounding right, your very ear system transporting you via time and space to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Never again will vehicles make this exact combination of sounds! Sure, the world is full of trains, and full of noises... but this combination will never exist again! Except when you play this recording!

Godlike power, in your very hands!


released February 11, 2017

[album art modified from an original photo by Cristiano Betta]




Ephemeral and Mundane El Cerrito, California

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Track Name: Walking in the Rain, Waiting for a Train
(car noises)
(train noises)